cl??ff -
here's the rub. it's not a builder's list. it's a newbie list. i wish
this kind of exchange was available when i went to england. heck - it
it was, i might not have gone; i may have not even wanted to build in
the first place! to answer you: i never have done trig anyplace, much
lesson a calculator, and the most thought i ever gave to materials was
back when 753 was introduced i thought it was odd that you had to "pass"
an inane test of brazing a tube to a shell in order to be deemed a "master".
i have always believed that execution and frame design override material
choice with regards to the pecking order of things. riding, racing, and
making frames was how i turned the learning curve into a straighter line.
remember, i did not say this stuff has no merit. i just questioned the
importance of it to someone who wants to build a frame or three.