dear p,
there are probably 6 builders on this list and
60 hobbyists that will never get the chance to
evolve because this is a different era-one in which
a framebuilder is more of a curiousity than someone
at the vanguard. for these newer guys to both desire
to excel at framebuilding AND simultaneously
acquiese to the market driven choices and trends
that the litespeeds and colnagos of the world make...
well i don't get that.
odd-that no one addressed the point i made at the bottom of
this email, or the one in which i infered that, with the addition
of a motor, "...we wouldn't need to pedal at all."
my point is that people appear to have given up and don't
challenge the goods offered up. they just find some way
to co-opt it. well-what IS a framebuilder if the forks and
rear triangles that excite these guys are all avalable as packaged
goods? don't it always seem to go that you don't know whatchoo
got til it's gone. pave paradise. put up a parking lot.
patrick-you represent the media here. do you really think
that the 1 1/8" thing has merit if you take it out of the context
of being just the industry trying to standardize? in a perfect
world don't you think a framebuilder would have more sense
about the fork that complements his frame and NOT simply
buy one as an afterthought?