i honestly don't know the point you're trying
to make. my replies followed the thread in
which doland asked opinions regarding the
pinnacle of the vintage era. i opined.
if you're implying that since bikes made in small
batches aren't used by the best racers invalidates
theses bikes, that's a different issue.
if it is, here goes:
i'm a cat 2 road and track. i've sponsored pro/am
teams every year since 1980. more than three dozen
racers on the national and olympic teams of the usa
AND canada have been among my clients. my
bicycles have been raced by these people all over
the world. and, as have others, i've made frames
marked as treks and schwinns and raleighs fo those
clients who needed a cover up.
what you won't see much anymore is liked minded
feats from other small, conscientious builders. why?
because ever since the early 80s when southland
corporation, and then others, systematically 'bought'
their way into cycling, a sport they finally deemed was
a vital vehicle to promote their wares, smaller industry
types have 'outbid'. i am lucky. i have had my successes
in spite of the 'suits'. and my riders still win. do you
need a podium list?
perhaps i've completely missed your point. in my opinion,
(please allow me to opine), what a racer who's a paid athlete
uses is not the point. from their caps to their shoelaces,
from january to october, the deals are cut for business and
budget reasons, not whether a frame is silver brazed or tigged.
have i completely missed yor point?