extended head tubes are sometimes necessary these days.
the stack height of saddles, measured from the rails
to the top of the saddle, is less than half the distance it
once was. compare a brooks pro to a selle italia flite.
stem quills are also shorter than the 'classic' types.
for a rider to fit the frame size he used to, the saddle
pillar will be higher to compensate for the stack height,
and the stem needs support, so adding length to the head tube
is necessary. this detail is not necessary on 'classic' era frames.
throw in to the mix pillars without setback, threadless stems,
90 degree stems, etcetera, and you'll see why frame styles
have evolved. while i cannot find merit in the compact frames
now in vogue, extended head tubes do not assault my sense
of aesthetics and what's ''right'' on today's racing frames.
everyone on this list reveres the past, that's why we read our
mail and reply so vigilantly; but we live in the present.
today's frame designs must complement today's components.