from a thread about restorations:

when i did my first of two restorations, the motivation came
due to the fact that most of the original parts were replaced
and the paint was in bad shape. furthermore, upon stripping the
paint chemically, i "learned" that these masis were never
sandblasted; thet were primed and painted right over the
steel. as such, i was able to see all ALL the file marks and
heavy brazing and brazing gaps and brass inclusions from
overheating, etcetera. this experience taught me more about
masi quality than all the trumped up articles and brochures
and listspeak could ever do; these were production level
frames, metalwork-wise. for the experience i gained from
observing them in this state of "undress", i love them even
more than if i were reading this written by someone else today..
the first frame sat here sans paint for at least a year before
i coughed it up for its next phase of restoration. btw, this
all was about 10 years ago, before ebay and CR and bicycle
classics and all the current resources that folks have.
for me, the restoration was an academic pursuit.