i am responding to j?rry's post as it's the most recent one to come across.
but this entire ebay/hetchin's lug thing, while fun to read about, has devolved
in to coffee klatsch, over-the-clothesline verbage. i was interested in the lugs
until they got too pricey. i spoke with the seller and have no reason to believe
that these are stolen goods.i was told of their origin. i was told how much was
paid. how this escalated into the possibility of a fake hetchins being commissioned
by the high bidder - i have no idea! then there's the issue of what's genuine.
regarding hetchins,i would guess any frame made in tottenham or southend-on-sea
could be the real deal if made while jack denny was there or mentoring. after this
period, it's hetchins in name only. for some, this is close enough. all this discussion
using the word 'genuine'; it's all genuine. even when a succeesful artisan passes
his skills to his sons, who, in turn, trains a group of workers to assist his production,
it's genuine. and if thatson subsidizes his output with some product made for him
by others - it's genuine! hetchins didn't make lugs. they manipulated pre-existing lugs
into a variety of shapes. even if they had some proprietary shapes, they would have
blueprinted them, at best, not make them. hetchins frames also frequently appeared
with nervex pro and prugnat type lugs. the manufacture of any frame with either of
these lug sets wouldn't constitute a fake hetchins. sometimes i wonder what the
daily group mail would be about if ebay didn't exist. as stated, i like reading everyone's
point of view and i hope mine is welcome. had i bid high and received these lugs,
they'd have made it onto the coffee table or the mantlepiece. these pieces could
be 50 years old and they'reintact. most of the cr listmembers can't make the same
claim about themselves! as br?an mentioned, the chance that these old fittings
could fit into a post-50's geometry-slim to none. i would agree. your thoughts??