i think the book idea is fabulous. why wouldn't
it be. remember 'anybodys bike book', 'the
complete book of bicycling', the fred delong book-
sorry, name escapes me, 'the high-tech bicycle',
'the custom bicycle'; each of these was perfect
for its' time. the kind of bicycles we all love and
share interests on in CR would make wonderful
subject matter for a coffee table book.
but if a group as small as our can't even support
fine efforts such as gabes' 'aeolus butterfly' and
'on the wheel', much less his 'bikelore' book,
i would be surprised if grander examples could
be commercially viable.
by the way, anybody aware of the japanese book
on touring bicycles-tons of photos and text-does
anybody have any idea how large that group
of enthusiasts is? obviously large enough to support
a book good enough to be a role model for the type cited
in this thread. how did that book get done????