i'll go on record as agreeing with freddy on this issue. sometimes
i can't tell if this is a framebuilder is or a framebuilder newbie list.
i guess it's both. if you are the latter and have only limited torch
time but have read a ton - i still maintain that it's a huge mistake
to think you will fillet braze a frame with "silver" unless it's (maybe...)
one of those rod that's silver in name only, such as allstate #11.
the very nature of a finely alloyed silverbrazing rod runs contrary
to the beast you're trying to tame. lugless joints beg for a true filler
rod, one that remains ductile, and one that doesn't get liquis when
you're trying to finesse it or correct a fillet that you're unhappy with
- these, common newbie situations. i would only fillet with brass
from the gasflux company in ohio - no matter who successfully
did what with whatever type of silver (no matter the percentage...)
rod. hank was correct - and i'm taking liberty with his words. there
can be micro cracks in the fillets when silver-ish rods are used. you
can't see them. they are there. unless your insurance premiums
with N.I.P.C.are paid up, i would disregard anything but brass for
fillet brazing.