i'm replying to jan's post (below) and i snipped out the posts
that led up to it. my answers will be more like soundbites cuz
i am going horizontal asap. read his post to see what i'm replying to...

1) i wasn't suggesting there are/they were flawed. and i wasn't
focusing on asymetric lug edges. i was refering to the execution
of the brazing quality and the metalwork. my text most likely
seemed opinionated - but i thought hard about it and i said to
myself - "e-RICHIE, you saw what you saw. you have a baseline
of experience to use as a vantage point. tell it to others who are
following this thread." ... and i did!!
2) i am not surprised that e csuka doesn't consider himself an
artist. he's too humble to express that in the first person. but
what he makes is art. at this point in 2004 it could "even" be
considered outsider art, though the ramifications of that are
too widespread.
3) he's right. anyone could do this type of work. he's right. few
will. the zeal and passion to continue in his/their footsteps are
traits that are hard to find - because, bicycles being what they
are - everyone would want to put his thumbprint on it rather
than respect the line that they (the singer marque) have created.
i can't overstate that, for me, the appeal of their frames was how
rooted the bicycles were in, (sic), eisenhower era sensibility! i
mean that in a good way.
4) good night!