in the midst of yet another Alex Singer thread, a client wrote:
>"...I sit on a Nakashima bench when I'm not on my Richard Sachs."


the csukas cannot find anyone to do their work. their supply
chain for raw materials has long since dried up. the event for
which their specialty designs were "invented" are no longer
everyday occurances. their workshop is half the size of mine
with no windows and it's completely antiquated. i know i'm
projecting myself here, but the impression i got was that they
know it's over - and it's been over for them for decades. that's
the feeling i got.

because bicycles are also a stepchild to the sporting goods industry,
new consumers look at their randonneur bicycles and say, "huh?!"
sad, but true.

also - far more people are afffected by furniture (of any type) so an
appreciation or need for it is different than for a specialty bicycle item.
it reminds me of the scene in annie hall where they are fumbling to
describe b & w photography 'cause:

"it's an aesthetic for which a set of ....... criteria has not yet been
developed." (i forget the exact line).

i'm glad you saw the list thread. jeez - i'd rather those topics than
the "brev vs patent" debates every 3 weeks!!!!!!!!