last i looked, riders win races, not frames. i know you know that.
in this discussion about price and value, i say the odd thing is
not how much people may gasp at the price of a finely made frame,
but how many pay so much for one that takes 85 minutes to build.
unlike bri?n, i cannot spend 70 hours making a frame. but counter
this with the fact that the colnagos of the world are likely making
10-15 thousand frames per year in a fiat-like environment, we all
must acknowledge that marketing is the only tool that the artisan
builders don't keep in their box.
by the way, i'm not cynical about this. there is no shortage of
people these days who ask me for frames that are 2500-3000 dollars
a piece. these people are discriminating buyers who know that i am
the ONLY person that can make these things. it is the same with peter.
and brian. and tom. etc...i can't recall the last time someone called
in and stated 'i'm thinking of either one from you, from litespeed,
or maybe a C-40...'the guys that cultivate that kind of frame go to
the mall, or call a toll free number so they can buy their dreams from
the barcolounger. i think our frames are better than their frames, but
to quote myself, until an experienced user hops over one, all
bicycles might as well all be the same