"Masi, Mo Mojo?"

imho, masi - the eponymous italian firm, that is - had mojo
because it was the first shop that was truly a high end
frame shop. at the very least, it was the first frame shop
of renown. i make the distinction between frame shop
and bicycle company, tho some bicycle companies also
made pro-level frames. also - masi only made one frame,
not price point frames and/or different models. that came
years, no-decades-later. masi could be considered the first
master tailor frame maker.

was it timing? location? smoke and mirrors?

all i know is that as an impressionable neophyte, this type
of maker was a role model for me. as an aside, it's ironic that
there is also a buzz relative to the u.s. made versions. timing?
location? etcetera...

if i recall my genealogy, when roland salm wanted to
'get into' the bicycle business and proceeded to find an
italian maker to co-opt with, masi was not the first choice,
but he was the first maker to agree to work with salm under
a licensing agreement.

mojo. blojo. they're still most xlnt in my book.