i agree with you. this issue is a pain and i don't like thinking
about it and i don't look forward to the yearly bills either.
otoh, as i posted previously, bicycles that we all make are
used on the open road and users approach and exceed speed
limits posted for motor vehicles - this, while riding very close
to said vehicles now and then.
it can't be argued that bicycle making is a creative outlet and
both a hobby and a livelihood simultaneously. but unlike, say,
pottery, guitar making, or name-your-fav-craft, using a bicycle
involves risks that don't accompany the use of other handcrafted
items. if the user is willing to incur the risk, i think the maker
should incur the liability.
this insurance issue is a thorn in the side of all of us. N.I.P.C.
in washington state provides reasonable coverage plans as
a service (?!) to the bicycle industry. i switched to them after
toooooo many years with Aetna and The Travelers, both of whom
charged mega-bucks for even less coverage. (thanks again to
D?n F?rris for that tip).