my apologies to the list for participating in and
prolonging the thread that has no end.
when i posted a reply to whomever about
whatever on thursday a.m. i had no idea that
it would evolve and devolve into this, today's
#1 time sink.
i had mentioned that a bicycle from the 70s
would be useless in today's peloton. i spent
the near-two days since explaining what i meant
and why i meant it. if you missed any of it, check
the list archives.
while i did resort to lightheartedness by today's
end, i did so out of frustration, rather than to
alienate. simply put, i feel like all my posts
came down to one core point-to explain my
original sentiment from thursday a.m.
all of my opinions and choices are based on my
years in the sport and in the business. i have no
academic training in any technical or related
disciplines. it's all osmosis and seat-of-the-pants.
more than anything, i respect the history that preceded
my entry into the industry. my love for classic bicycles
and making it my hobby is a result of this respect.
in essence, i dream about being as innovative and cutting
edge in 2002 as some of the now-considered 'icons'
were in 1972. this, alone, fuels me. what i don't want
is to assume nothing has changed or improved over
the last three decades and, thus, make bicycles to
a 1972-ish standard. those bicycles were innovative
and cutting edge then, and now they are part of history.
and not to assume that racing changes anything, let me
borrow a line from an interview that gabe konrad did:
"until the bicycles start going by themselves, they may
as well all be the same."
i believed that when i said it 8 years ago, and i always will.