on the heals on last weeks' 'box' thread...
i think making light of this auction (colnago
on ebay) and the seller is in the same vein as
passing judgement on buying an empty box. a
beautiful empty box, at that.
clearly, this isn't a colnago. with haden concorde lugs
and all these other non-colnago features. this frame
likely has never been out of north america.
but taking time to opine on it, (as i, too,
am doing here), is no different than all the other
threads that have/had a 'he said, she said' tone to
them. i'm not posing a question, nor looking for
a reply. but ragging on anyone/anything on the
lists' time lowers the bar of quality that i thought
we were trying to uphold. on one hand, i'm always
interested in some good gossip and melodrama. on the
other hand i thought the list guidelines 'ruled' against
speaking against someone or something without
hearing from all parties involved, ala this fake-hetchins
thread, for instance.
this is dale's party. we're all guests. are we permitted
to dish on occassion (sp?), or not? my choice would be
to allow a little hypocrisy followed by the occassional
'tail-between-the-legs' apologies and clarifications once
the real stories come out. otherwise, we should all respect
the list guidelines and keep the hearsay and snickers
to ourselves.
p.s. this is no colnago.
apologies for the rant