O?OB?YZ wrote:
>"At the risk of going against the flow, Nagasawa is a totally different
>style builder. He has really cool "bits" made, investment cast drops,
>Masi~DuBois style lugs, perfect joinery, but he really does not personalize
>the frame by distinctive shaping, styling, filing, thinning, etc etc. More
>like the ultimate "plug and play". OK, a few slots in the BB shell, but
>simply not sculptural in the way that ????? ???????? thinks/builds."

here we go again!!!
i wrestle with this conundrum routinely since i drew influence from
several CR timeline builders who "once"used stamped lugs and now
use no lugs at all...i think those builders in that era used what was
available to them and what they viewed as "best" quality. they did
not choose these parts so they could lovingly impart the soul of the
maker into them; they built frames. fourty years later, we seek out
these frames. why? were they better because they were from that era?
doubt it? because some second-stringer had the task of filing a lug?
hardly! actually, i DON'T know why we seek them out. but i don't think
it's because they used stamped lugs. they used stamped lugs because
back then folks used stamped lugs. had these folks continued through
the eras they'd not be using 70s era parts and materials because so
much has improved since then.