regarding repro decals, i wrote:

if you followed the list back several years you'd read that most
european builders don't/didn't understand this nostalgia thing
we yanks were going through re their bicycles. in most cases, those
firms never archived their own art screens, or much else for that
matter. as far as the legality of it all, the issues never got answered
onlist - but there were lively debates about painters only supplying
correct decals on repaints, versus their selling of these on the open
market. i know that in my case, no decals were available - if someone
knows differently, please say so now - so i undertook the repro project
during the mid 90s. alas, since i completed that project, i am told that
the builder himself now taps into that stash for his own repaints,
since he didn't have the decals from 35 years ago.