>"Call it a hunch, but if there is a market for the current
>uglified version of the lug with pockets I'll bet you there'd
>be one for a prettiefied version without."

from my heart, i agree with your logic, but not from
my head. i think that, given the era and all the other
choices available to the consumer, what you are asking
for is a real indulgance - and someone has to pick up
the tab for it. there is a $2600 tool fee (approx) after
you/someone agrees on a shape. and, do you create matching
headlugs? after that, who are the 100-200 first buyers of
this? these are the types of things to consider.
to wit, i don't think the demographic on this board rep-
resents your customer base; many people say "yes" and "i'd
buy 2 if available...", but that doesn't recoup the funds
invested. tell me you catch my drift.