>"Every dimension of my body would then be measured. In the
>end, a suit of clothes would be made specifically for me with
>every detail that was discussed reflected in that suit. THAT is
>a CUSTOM made suit."

that's all well and good but the analogy does not easily
transfer to a "custom" frame: if you tell a builder to use this
spec and that angle in addition to all the "typical" asked
for customizations (paint, lug choices...) you risk getting
a bicycle that may not fit or may not work, or both! with
the tailor situation you will still get the size 40 Regular.
it's a dangerous line to cross calling what "we" do custom;
just because a order precedes a build, this does not mean
it's a custom build.
i know there are guys out there that will accept and execute
ANY spec and/or comination of materials, joining techniques,
paint schemes, and the like. whoever these guys are - they
are the only "custom" builders.