snipped from br?ce's post:
>"I'm glad to say that I'm one of those he denigrates as
>misguided for thinking that it's nice to see the hand or
>file of an artisan in his work."

i am glad...
that you said that. in my beginning years, since i didn't
know anything about design and construction, i focused on
metalwork and, er, craftsmanship; in the states, everyone
was ga-ga* about filing and took it to an extreme.
like - what ever!!!
these days, meaning since perhaps the mid-90s, while i don't
go out of my way to file "file marks" into a frame, i am not
bothered if one or some are inadvertantly visible through
the finished paint job. for the unitiated, there are file
marks and there are FILE MARKS. imo. when the former are the
residual signs of the final strokes with a 4" or 6" needle
file, and said marks follow the contour of the metal in
question RATHER than appear as gouges and depressions, i actually
like the look. it's human. organic. a thumbprint. hey-shut me
up, huh!? oh heck, i lost my train of thought. monster garage
is back on...
*not a true framebuilding term.