>"Just for the record, I did learn the Italian method of framebuilding.
>But there isn't a single thing that they did that I do today, or even
>back in the days of W??? Cycles. We departed immediately from
>their methods and began doing everything "better", knowing what
>the other methods were like. I have never brazed a frame in brass,
>for example, except for fillet brazing. I picked up some "MOJO" from
>the Italians, but the rest of it went by the wayside pretty much right
>away. We built handmade custom bikes. They built handmade production
>bikes. Very little crosses over in my book. Like I said, some role models
>are the opposite of what you decide to do."

this is EXACTLY why i think you're as "now" as anyone here. no matter
that you dig pressed steel lugs and "all that"'ve raised the bar. you've
done it all along. i can't see how you consider yourself "old school" when,
clearly, you put so much effort into doing it so differently than all those
that preceeded and inspired you.