>"The modern methods are never really better; they are only quicker
>and less labor intensive or more marketable. They allow quality frames
>to be built with less time and effort than the old way of doing things."

b?ylis-immo -
this is the only part of your text that i don't fully agree with. without
putting words in your mouth, i'm assuming the "modern method"
you're referring to is the investment cast process of making the lugs.
are there other methods to add to this? all i know is that it takes me
twice as long to make a frame now as it did in the pre-cast era. why?
because the attention required of 3 lugs are only part of the equation,
it's not "the"equation. (chuckie - chide me now, okay!?). we've discussed
this onlist before. venerating the past is one thing and it's a noble thing,
but bringing it along into the present can often enhance things without
sullying them. it needn't be an issue of "changing course or bailing out".
i love ya' man. yes - in "that" way!