>"OK, I feel silly now for wanting an alignment table (seeing as a master like
>you built so many frames without one) so could you please describe briefly
>how to check the alignment of a frame using only a straightedge and how to
>correct any misalignments."

no surprises here...
i built about 700 frames before i had one.
it took at 4 more years to learn how to
master it and all the nuances that are
part of the expanding/contracting process
and the irregularities of "hand work" coupled
with material that simply is NOT straight.
why do folks want a table to measure with
before they've learned how to build frames?
it's most likely because the money is there and
to surround oneself with tooling is one way to
feel as though you're straightening out the
learning curve.
i do believe that it's a necessary tool, but
a 10 dollar straight edge could perform the
same "basic" task.