some of you may know my position on this issue but the
reason i am posting today is to once againprop up my main
man, don ferris, who - 3 years ago tipped me off to N.I.P.C.
in washington state. by switching my liability to them from
my previous carrier of 20+ years, i still had peace of mind
WHILE saving several thousand dollars per year over what
i had been used to paying. april, when my hard drive
with-never-ever-backed-up information went down with
my computer, i thought all was lost. well - it was my own
fault for not being a back-up slut, but i did find a firm who
mined all (ALL!!) the info from the busted hard drive and
reformatted it to several cd's that i received in early may.
as you can imagine, i now backup things routinely. the $2200
bill from the company that mined the hard drive sobered me
up to the reality of my lax ways.
and...the happy ending - and the real reason for this post - is
that the champs at N.I.P.C. had written a data recovery clause
into my policy (i didn't know it at the time) and my invoice
has been dutifully covered by my insurance.
happy happy. joy joy.
another reason to have insurance.
thanks for reading!