what do i use?

'normal' cromoly, or mangmoly.
in rational, (round), shapes and available guages. normal,
(not high-strength), strength pipes, a 'la columbus sl, 531,
true temper RC2. that says it all...

aermet. nemo. 753. 853. multi-shape, genius. foco. max.
these were produced out of various steel company's desperate
attempt to keep from losing market share to non-ferrous materials.
when the lowest common denomiator is the hired hand brazing up
frames on second shift at "your/name/here" frame company, such
materials will serve to give their products cache, and also from
keeping them from being cooked into noodles, this owing to the
fact that, most people no longer train long enough or properly
to discern how sequences, brazing temps, interference fits,
etcetera, can give life to a frame as well as take it away
depending on the level of skill attained.

maybe i'm an elitest. a curmudgeon. whatever. i'm not stuck
in the past. i race. i have a race team. i understand how
all this stuff works. but the big marketing machines talk
louder than me so it appears most new consumers see my type
of frames as , "...my dad had one of those..."

your thoughts, phil-san?