"What makes a good frame builder?
The ability to give the customer what they want."
M?rtin C??pland

this issue was never under scrutiny. on the other hand, there
are instances in which, if you give the customer what 'they'
want, questionable results could arise. "i want this seat angle."
"can you use 'that' fork?" "how 'bout a nervex seatlug but
with prugnat headlugs?" these are extreme examples. but
in the literal sense, a custom framebuilder, would in fact,
acquiesce. some framebuilders exist to fulfill the fantasies
of their clients. some exist to fulfill their own fantasies. some
exist to provide the service of a quality constructed frame.
some are experts in 'fitting' problems. some are craftsmen
par excellance. some are a mix of these types and other
traits, too. the variables are infinite.