from a thread in which some cat was trying
to compare the AHCI to the framebuilder's plight:

>I think the watch guys had an easier time of it...

watches aren't pedaled. telling time is not a physical
activity. being wealthy and willing to spend limitlessly
will not turn a guy with money into a cyclist, even if
he does know the time of day.
this entire thread is tethered to one single post-show
email about the state of things financial for the working
framebuilder. there are pages of replies to this across
the hall on CR. suddenly, there are dozens of experts
talking about the market and marketing. i came away
from the show very positive and look forward to more of
the same. i think before you worry about selling frames,
you have to know how to make them. from my vantage
point, the working framebuilders that know how to make
them are selling them. being a working framebuilder also
includes having people skills. maybe there can be two
days of posts suggesting how a framebuilder could interact
in a positive way with potential clients.