a listee posted:
>a thought on perfection: i grew up with a navajo family.the navajo are
>known for high quality weavings.the women would always incorporate a
>deliberate flaw so your soul would not be forever trapped in the work
>piece. thankfully,as framebuilders it sounds as though we will be immune
>from this.

i'm not immune from this.
the more i know about handmade items, be they watches,
tailored suits, sweetgrass baskets, wabi-sabi, yada-yada,
the more i excuse anything that shows up in my frames that
i may have once considered a "flaw".

i would not intentionally incorporate a flaw; having been
raised a jew, the guilt would haunt me. but i am of the mindset
that the frame will be what it wants to be, and i am comfortable
with that and accept it.