a listee posted:
>It seems that the bicycle can be seen as a "solution"
>to a problem (providing the perfect riding experience,
>etc...) as opposed to a product. The framebuilder is
>sought out by some as the "alchemist" (your words I
>think) that can transform a pile of tubes/bits into
>the vehicle for this desired experience. The combined
>years of knowledge and wisdom from repeatedly solving
>this problem in thousands of nuanced variations makes
>his/her skills sought out in the marketplace. (snipped)

i'm not sure i follow the literal meaning of the text.
to cut to the chase, there is no real problem that is
being solved by the framebuilder's "solution". in my
experience, the demand is based on want, not need,
and it's an emotional purchase rather than one that
a consumer "must have". looking back over the years
or even through the orders now pending here, maybe
2% of them are placed to solve fit issues, and the
98% are for folks who perceive that a framebuilder
(or me, or both) can offer a product - based on a certain
experience level, etcetera - whose quality level excceds
what's available in the commerical marketplace.
apologies in advance if i've misread your intentions.