>There has been discussion lately suggesting the
>greatest asset custom builders offer is bicycle fit.
>If a customer only gets a frameset (frame and fork)
>and nothing else from you, how do you, the builder,
>ensure that the frame fits well when they put their
>parts on? If they are supplying all of the
>human/machine interfaces, is it still a custom fit
>performed by the builder?

the greatest asset offered isn't custom fit.
fit should be part of the equation, not the
equation. a builder's asset is being on the
edge of the industry and not bound to a time
clock, model year, "etcetera", and can strive
for a higher quality without the pressures that
come with these. from material selection, to
construction quality, and through to finishing
details, builders - "hopefully" - answer to a
higher calling.

as far as the assembly of parts by others onto
frames supplied as, well - frames, you can't
control it all, so either sell the complete rig
or concede that the client can take it from there.