snipped from a thread about learning
the "art" (sic) of framebuilding:

>...I would love to apprentice under someone. But personally
>it's not an option. I'm still going to pursue this with the
>available learning institution that I have (UBI). Will that
>make me a frame builder, no. But I believe it will give me
>the skill set or base to work with. I truly don't know what
>else to do. It's a dream and I'm try'n to make it work.

l?rry - i feel ya', and it's hard for me to ask this
because i think of myself as a nice guy - but what do
you want? do you want to build a frame, or do you want
to be a framebuilder? the two (replies) are not the same.
woud you practice medicine as a hobby? let's add "craft"
to this; were you to love custom eyewear, woild you make
lenses and frames at home and give them/sell them cheap to
those who need glasses? these bicycles go on the open road
- in traffic. who is going to pick up the tab if your hobby
learning results in a bicycle that suddenly steers to the
left, or simply falls apart? sorry. the answer remains; it's
not a craft like knitting is. i'm hear for ya' if you want to
chat. but i'll be honest with you.