>I don't know. Don't you think this is something
>that you can learn via a school like UBI? Don't
>they teach you these things?

you'll learn how a frame is built if you go to ubi.
you might even fully build one for yourself under
supervision. after that - the ONLY way you are going
to progress and use the ubi experience is to work
at a frame shop, at a station, doing repetitive work.
after you're sick of brake bridges you'll do dropouts.
after that you'll tap bb shells. larry - there is no
other way to learn unless you work at some framebuilder.
all of them/us are loners, or small businesses, or
inefficient, or undercapitalized. yadadayadadaaaa.
it will take FOREVER to learn framebuilding from
a framebuilder.
keep asking - i'll reply asap.