> With the "success" of the show, I believe the
> time has come to transform framebuilding from an
> underground cult thing to a legitimate, and
> influential, sector of the Bicycle Industry.

my opinion is that 1) it is not an underground cult
thing at all and never was, and 2) by the very nature
of a builder's yearning to separate himself from the
pack (ya' know, that mall stuff), he is not likely to
be interested in becoming a card carrying, influential
member of the industry. i realize the two points could
be construed as being diametrically opposed, but that's
how i see it.
the best way to ensure that life goes on is to keep giving
it the heinekin maneuver whenever it grasps for air. that
includes posting here and at neil's site, and documenting
your work for others to see, and answering phone calls from
fng's when then call about a procedure, and putting parts
into the marketplace when you believe there's a need to
add a lug or a braze on, and all the things in between and
on all sides of this. remain open-minded and never assume
you know it all just because you knocked off your 27th frame.
i have learned lots on this list, and most of it was from
new guys. folks like jonny and zanc and sacha and tony and
some others exhibit a drive to succedd at this - and they
will - because they are at the edge, just like we all were
when we began. i have no fear for the future. there are guys
here that get it, and many that don't. imo that's the natural
order of things.