from a thread about what's for dinner...

may i visit your lunchtable atmo?
my wife, aka the lovely deb, mentioned the word tofu
in a sentence today wrt dinner. that is not good atmo.

update -
there is talk of a bed of arugula with the unmentionable
food item atmo. i have stocked up on some sam adams
and a double bag of party mix atmo.
see example:

i have decided to be the fu and study with my new pals atmo -

> "Men who ate the most tofu during their mid-40s to mid-60s showed
> the most signs of mental deterioration in their mid-70s to early 90s.
> The consumption of tofu two or more times per week was detrimental
> to brain function, according to a study published in the April issue of
> the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. The new tofu study
> finds that poor cognitive test performance, and two measures of brain
> atrophy or shrinkage were associated with higher midlife tofu consumption
> among men. The cognitive tests measure attention, concentration,
> memory, judgement and several other indicators of brain function.
> "Makes you stupid. Take me to Smith & Wollensky. Open a nice
> bottle of Klinker Brick. Salute.
let's meet (meat) at peter luger's atmo.
> Brooklyn or Great Neck? Last time up to the city had an excellent
> piece of almost raw meat (yummmmmm - just show it the fire,
> don't actually put it on) at Michael Jordan's in the train station.
> Excellent cab to help it go down. Just tell me when. We'll ask
> for some small amout of tofu on our Ceasar salad to keep the
> wife happy.
i've only been to the great neck one atmo.
i have a bb and a seat lug to braze and then it's a wrap for
the night. if you don't hear from me,no worries -
click here
> Oh no...I'm sure you've been through this with Adam right.
> If not I'm sure he can give you some great cooking tips.

beautiful meat dishes make me cry atmo.
> I say make a strong stand and nip this in the let
> the tofu in now and fast forward 2 weeks you'll be strapped
> down getting a green tea high-colonic cleansing from some
> guy named Sanjaya.
hey i can dig that atmo.
but seriously -
i survived atmo. i mean i did call 911 and let them stay on
hold while i had dinner, but at the end of it all i took my
bowl to the sink like i do each night and i became the greek
god i am known as (say it fast): dodishes. and i used extra
ivory soap just in case...the meal itself was quite enjoyable.
my wife, aka the lovely deb, made a separate rice dish,
and the unmentionable food was prepared with garlic and
spinach, with some sorta sesame jizz atop. when i prepared
my bowl, all food items were assembled vertically because
i was not interested in actually seeing the you-know-what
in my favorite wooden bowl. add some kikoman and a pile
of pulverated party mix, and - viola, i created my own middle
eastern slash asian tailgate party. as heck the taste wasn't
so bad once all the items had a chance to do the meet and
greet in the bowl. someof it even grazed the roof of my mouth
as it went throatward. at the end of the day, it was much ado
about nothing; 'just mebeing a weenie. as she is known to be,
deb was right. the meal was enjoyable atmo.

tomorrow i get in touch with my inner sinatra atmo -