mined from this thread -

>>> I guess my point is that it is too judgmental to see poor fit/form ON
>>> the road and simply assume that it is the result of an incompetent "fitting".

i believe it's incompetent fitness that's being judged most atmo.

>>> I suppose it's a chicken and egg thing. If they aren't out there riding in
>>> the first place, how are they ever going to get fit?

>>> I occasionally run with my better half, and about a year ago on our local
>>> route there was a rather large woman lumbering along. I made a wise
>>> ass remark after we went by, and being the better half, she said back,
>>> "at least she's out here doing something about it". About a month ago
>>> she came in from her run and asked me if I remembered the "wide load"
>>> lady that we'd seen. She had run into her again, and she's lost over 100
>>> pounds and is doing 6-10 miles a day.

it's all academic, and over the backyard fence, and that jane austen texas
crap about all of us being fodder for each other atmo. this issue isn't about
fitting or fitness as much as it's about folk driving porsches who really can't
even use the remote key without a manual. we are not talking about cats
who are out of shape, or having a platinum card. the subject is look how
badly they look on the same bicycles we race on. it's clear cut atmo. the
industry sells folks the wrong bicycle, and then cashes the check. we all
have a certain image of ourselves and our niche, as well as the trappings
we want to surround ourselves with to keep a comfort zone. calling others
out is a varsity sport, but all we're doing is venting, not naming names or
posting pics of the actual violators!

"For what do we live, but to make sport for our
neighbors, and laugh at them in our turn atmo."
Jane Austen Texas