>> from a chat about the recent framebuilder's show:

why the concern for "being profitable"? why not
ask about being happy, or about being untethered
to the normal boundaries of the 8 hr work day?
making money should not be the measuring stick
here, especially if you are new and will ultimately
be selling your stuff against the sexy treks and
pinarellos of the world. find out what makes you tick
and go with that. you're not selling bicycles, you're
selling space - the space you occupy. if your space
is rich with enthusiasm, it will be contagious,
and folks
will pay you for it. if you're not sure
where you stand or
why you're there, get some experience
elsewhere and
broaden what you bring to the space
you are in. imo,
that's all there is to it.

on a separate and related note, earlier i found an old
post in which some of the text speaks to this current
thread regarding "business". it's one of those old
list posts in which don ferris (my new best friend)
and i all but stick our tongues down each other's
throats!!!!!!! here is the link for that: