chat about the recent framebuilder show:
>"I am in a way modeling this effort after
>the Japanese Handmade Bicycle Show .
>Let the craftsmanship speak for itself."

i agree with this. at this early stage, i think it's
too ambitious to try to morph this effort into a show
at which builders can attend with the hopes of writing
business. exposure is key. i also strongly believe that
distancing "ourselves" from the industry and its conven-
tions will help, not hurt "us". it cannot be that difficult
to find a venue that allows the participants to show off
their work, discuss problems that affect each of us, share
resources, and all those love-fest type things. i realize
that the costs are enormous if you're dragging more than
"just" bicycles (to wit: don f); maybe the answer is to
charge at the gate AND for the seminars so that the folks
who are the key suppliers to all the rest of the new and
old framebuilders can catch some slack on their presence
by way of free space, rooms, drinks, or co-eds. the last
example was a joke.
i don't think this can be a success unless the suppliers,
all of them, can attend. and again, i do not want to attend
anything that vaguely resembles a trade show.