from a discussion about insurance:

>"...but wouldn't it be better to concentrate your efforts on doing
>your best to ensure your product and processes are safe? After all,
>you only expose yourself to litigation if it can be shown that you've
>been negligent... If you can show that you're following best-practice,
>then there's no vulnerability to attack."

who would ever cop to doing less than their best-ever work?
when you have insurance, you are also covered along the way
in case the parts you DON'T make cause the failure. unless
you're making your own metal or drawing your own brazing rod,
you'll never know what lies within the nice frames that are
constructed with these and other components. insurance is for
that too, as it is for the stem that might break on your
assembled bicycle, the qr skewer that fails on the front wheel,
the cable that snaps on the rear brake. it's all part of the
same issue.
what happens in oz if a bicycle breaks and a rider is rendered
unable to live life as he knew it? curious.