>"no matter how cool you might be, if your bike wasn't set
>up, YOU were not cool! And where are your contributions to
>the proper bike set up thread? I know you have set up more
>than a few bikes?"

okay xerox-man, here're my recollections...
you raced. you had a cat 2 license on the road AND on the
track. you raced the natz. you raced superweek. you raced
s'ville and fitchburg, and the others. if you did a time
trial, you used a silk track jersey, tucked in, because
skinsuits were not invented. you raced. you had a maillard
kit and "did" your gears in the parking lot before the race.
you took your white anklets and folded a perfect 1cm cuff at
the top. you raced. you hand-bent the curves into the qr's
and the shift levers BEFORE they came that way stock.
you didn't use h'bar plugs; you tapped the ends of the bars
and threaded in those "useless" campagnolo crank dustcaps. you
raced. you subscribed to cycling weekly, aka "the comic"
as well as to international cycle sport. you took the anon-
dizing off the cinelli stem and the campagnolo crankset
and seat piller and polished these weekly with wadding cloth
because ics parts were not in the mainstream yet. you raced.
you raced with a ta bottle cover on your ta bottle even if
the contents weren't hot. you raced on 28 spoked wheels. you
raced on clement campionissimo setas-the best ever road tire.
you raced on artie-built wheels if you were supremely cool.
you only raced with nr 1037a track pedals-on the ROAD. you never
said "campy". you always said "campagnolo".

plus you did alot of the stuff ch?ckie wrote about!