funny - back in the CR list "old days" this subject was debated
every other week. i've been on both sides of this issue, and i'm
not even a blond!!!!!
i'm curious as to why folks think these framebuilder slash icon
types want to stay at their benchs all day long until retirement and
"create" those dang same ol' things year after year. etcetera.
over "there", framebuilding is not the touchy feely artsy phartsy
profession that we have/had projected it to be. most who were
doing it were born into the family business or entered it after
grade school; it wasn't to exercise a creative bent or to "keep the
flame burning".
those who succeeded at it in various eras should be allowed the
opportunity of profiting from the market they helped create. to a
builder, i never met any italian who believed it was a virtue to stand
at a bench when the option to "grow the business" was possible.