i agree with m?rk's assessment, snipped and pasted below.
furthermore, i often wonder if the pros, i.e., those whose
careers depend on the use of these bicycles and parts,
are as analytical in their choice of equipment. for years,
it has been an industry supported sport, and nearly everyone
in the pro ranks uses the exact same goods sold down at
the mall. (okay, prologue bicycles & record attempts not-
withstanding). i never hear or read anything from that camp
that echos the list debate from the last couple o' days.
surely, someone will find an exception to this, but by
and large it "seems" that racers don't focus as much of
their energy (?!) on these matters. so why do we?

that's a rhetorical question. i'm not suggesting that the differences
don't exist or that there isn't an academic explanation for all this.
and i'm not asking for an end to the thread; i am enjoying
following it and learning about differing points of view.
i do feel, though, that there is a point (for me, at least) when
bicycle riding ceases to be beautiful as a result of continued
microscopic dissection. when i ride or train, i never focus
on these things. i just enjoy the activity and the outdoors.
thanks for reading...