to h?nk's post, i add:
custom, (bad term), frames are not about
a niche serving the hard to fit; most people
are not hard to fit...
it's more about being able to produce to a higher
level of quality than is_commonly_available from
a production line. some builders have better, more
sound construction techniques, some concentrate
on a more suitable overall design, some are truly
jewelers that create in 'frames', and some are there
JUST to serve those who can't get their fit right
on a store-bought bicycle. most builders combine
elements of all the above, tho i believe the fit issue
is tertiary at best. explain to your clients about
your design choices, your construction parameters,
your 'attention to details', and how it could all work
for them.
on the other hand, compensating for poor design
viv-a-vis* moving bars and saddles back and forth and
up and down may help 'create' a more suitable static
position for the user, but it doesn't change where the
wheels are, how far apart they are, how the rider is
centered above and between them...there's more to
it than using a pre-built bicycle as a sizing cycle.
not everyone needs to be that fussy. to that end, i agree
in principle with the original post with regard to fit, and
alignment issues. the debate continues!
* i just wanted to use "vis-a-vis" in a sentence.