i was asked (again...) about pinning:

here's the cliff notes version:
my frames have a minimum of 15 pins.
2 each in each of the three lugs.
5 in the various b.b. sockets.
2 in each seat stay top at the seat lug.
2 in each seat stay bottom at the dropout.
the pins are inserted in the respective joint
while the frame is fixtured in the bike machinery
jig. nothing is ever brazed in the jig. the pins and
their tight fit, the close tolerance miters, and the
free-hand brazing sequences which never vary,
yield a post-brazed geometry which mimics the fixture set-up.
the alignment, which wouldn't be guaranteed by
the fixture, is checked at every step along the way
using a marchetti-lange table and its accessories.
this approach works for me.