(the issue of cadmium content silver-alloy rods came up)

this was covered before and it is worth repeating...
the perils of the cadmium content in a rod such as
easy-flo 45 begin to present themselves only
after exceeding a certain brazing temperature and/or
a particular duration 'at temperature'.
if you are skilled and efficient, it is not an issue. if you
are skilled and efficient, it is not even a risk.
if you make frames less than regularly, you may never
reach the point in skill and efficiency to observe and
ascertain where this line in the sand really is.
the environment no longer exists in which a neophyte
can glean from one with experience the proper interference
fits, the fluxing patterns, the heating cycles, blah, blah, blah,
which may enable him to become proficient in using
such a rod without risking health problems.
the most important point about this debate is this: the
byproducts of cadmium in these types of rods present
themselves only AFTER the frame joint in question has
been 'overexposed' to excessive heat, prolonged brazing
and touchups, or if it is below spec, tolerance-wise.
if you reach this point you probably won't have a very
reliable frame to offer. this makes the issue a moot point,
doesn't it?!