another long day in the mines here.
your place too, i gather.
i consider these lists and forums a real time sink
where disorder is allowed to coexist peaceably with
misinformation. when we built frames in london
there were no alignment checks, nor alignment tools.
we made frames for national team guys and professional
as well. never a problem...
sometime between then and now, the issue of improving
our lot in life took hold and designs improved, as did materials.
so did finish work. and so did construction techniques.
factory frames now are superior to handmade frames then.
and so it goes.
alignment is mythical. one listee mentioned it as a sales aid.
jeez!!!!!!!!! (note the 8+ exclamation points.).
it, (alignment), isn't necessary. it's hard to control in a production
environment. time/money, and ALL THAT!!!!!!!!
but if well made, well fitted frame also is aligned, that is,
aligned to the 1mm to .5mm we're chatting about, then the
rider and the maker will be very happy. and i hope the
accountant is too!!!!!!!!
i didn't read 'disrespect' in your posts, and, of course, you're
not an ass. we're on the same page.
btw, what kind of frames do you build?