a listee posted:
>"Here is my $0.05 (inflation factored in):
>As long as the consumer knows what they are getting, then they
>should be free to vote with their dollars. Sure, if outsourcing
>some of the construction makes sense and you don't tell people
>that it is 100% built by hand 'in house'.
>Here in British Columbia, we had a fuss about a grocery store
>chain carrying "BC Hothouse grown produce" actually coming from
>California of all places. Had they made clear where things were
>grown then it wouldn't be so bad."

my reply:
i agree with you. i agree with kp about
exploiting sources of revenue in all possible
and ethical modes. but i still pose the question:
the line between builders and industry; it's
blurred if "builders" use industry methods to make
frames, and its murkier still if a builder designs
a frame that's produced in asia or even the next county.

again - i have no real dog in this fight,
but this is a "builder" list and since time
immemorial, builders have strived to distance
themselves from industrial-made goods, marketers,
brands, and all that is part of the food chain
that feeds the bicycle store mentality.

if builders co-opt industry methods, is there
a vanguard left?