there was a thread about setting prices so as
to balance a profit as well as a reasonable wait list:

the listee wrote:
>"I'm not sure you fully understand the point here - it's not a
>recommendation to do it, it's a statement that you could do it
>if you so chose, and that there would be a price level somewhere
>such that you would still have enough customers, but wouldn't have
>a long waiting period. That's all..... The trick would be to find
>that price level. Pricing is not a game, but there are many ways
>to skin a cat. Ask the fellow that sells the $25,000 rocking chairs
>if he'd prefer to go back to selling them for $1200 each, but have
>a three-year waiting >list..."

i replied:
i am missing something here.
what is the motivation to reduce the waiting list?
yes - raising the price up and up until the list no
longer grows exponetially will tell you something,
but what? that you've maxed the selling price? so
what?! the materials and options change almost
monthly as do the groups of interested parties
that call in every few weeks.

and as far as sam maloof goes, he got a macarthur
grant almost 20 years ago, has works in the white
house, and is beyond legend. why are we using
his 90 year old self to guage what newbie builder
charges in order to make ends meet?