my apologies for not trimming the post to which i am replying.
this list serves to share information regarding many approaches
to framebuilding. regardless, unless you are going to build
your own frames and never let anyone else use them or own
them, the subject of insurance is inseperable from list matters.
the bicycles you make will be ridden on the open road. at times
they will approach and exceed the speed limits posted for motor
vehicles. there are consequences. stuff happens. it doesn't
matter if you give your bicycles away, trade them away, or get paid
for them. insurance is part of the equation. those who don't have it
lower the bar for those that do. those that have it pick up the tab
for those that don't. i don't like paying these premiums; no one
does. but i sleep better knowing that i am protecting my clients
and myself by maintaining coverage.
if you are making a frame that someone else may use, please
consider incurring this expense.