my reply to a post about the framebuilder's show:

this is all valuable stuff - but this list has
to be defined before ideas can take root; is it
a builder list or a newbie builder list? i think
it's the latter. even still, if and when "builders"
decide to merge into a unit, it will be after a
long list of criteria is developed. it's a great
idea. it's an interest i share in. there would
be a few cat fights, as in, how many made?, years
in operation?, made on or off site?, are you fully
insured?, etecetera. i see it as being possibly
devisive more than helpful. a long while ago i
suggested that this list - and now neil's website,
too - serves as the guild, or the ground zero for
sharing the information.
can a real association exist without being discriminatory?
i am not sure.