regarding the time i had at the recent
framebuilder's show, i wrote:

i just returned. 'had the time of my life. i expected
a tedious weekend, maybe even a trainwreck. but i was
committed, and planned to endure anything that was to

what i found from the 2nd hour i was there, through to
the group hugs upon departure, was that this weekend was
an astounding success. i wrote earlier that, though hindsight
is 20/20, it was a mistake for anyone to miss this event. the
bicycles were great. the camaraderie and enthusiasm was even

despite the material or the ideas regarding design or
construction, the folks that were present as exhibitors
and/or attendees were complete zealots in their approach
to making fine bicycle frames. i was pleasantly surprised
to feel such a kinship and respect for folks doing things
like we do but on their own terms, rather than feeling it
necessary to drag along methods that don't suit their

i saw many old pals and made lots of new ones. i feel
as close to these new guys now as i did to my cr kof
buds all these years. guys like sasha white, mike
desalvo, darren crisp, nick crumpton, and others, are
the future of all this. they'll be the next group to
get heralded.

carbon fiber, ti, tig, or epoxy - i don't care. the
fng's that were there were a class act and i'm proud to
call them my peers.